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Start Your Healing Journey

Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. This brand new Leading Edge Healing is like no other! Working closely with your Higher Self - you will feel the rise in your vibration, feel energised and heal both mentally and physically!

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Who is this for?

If you are feeling:

  • Low Energy

  • Physical aches and pain

  • Low vibration

  • Emotionally drained

  • Trapped emotions 

  • Unbalanced 

  • Brain fog


This is perfect for you! 

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What does the Healing entail?

  • Connecting and working with your Higher Self

  • Releasing low stored and transitional vibration 

  • Healing on a deeper level than ever before 

  • Physical and Emotional Healing 

  • Improving your general wellbeing 

  • Releasing trapped emotions 

  • Leveraging universal laws 

  • Re-charging your energy

  • Relaxation 


Introductory Offer


Individual Healing Sessions

1 hour of healing


6 Week Bespoke 1-on-1 Healing

This wonderful 6 week healing package allows us to work 1-on-1 once a week. These healing sessions will be bespoke and tailored to your specific needs.

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Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying

I wanted to say a big thank you for your healing. It was an amazing way to start my day. During the session it was incredible to feel your work. The energy was flowing and stayed with me after the call impacting my transitional vibration too. It is amazing how you can pinpoint with total accuracy where I needed support. I could feel the areas of blocks around my throat and abdominals/lower back and then feel the flow of energy with the release.
The connection to my lifeforce and vitality work flow was really strong. I could feel my inner being like I never have before and this has brought me expansion in my own abilities too.
So yes there was certainly relief to areas of tension. For me it was an underlying tension that can easily be overlooked but has big impact upon me. But even better than have helped wake me up to using my abilities to make changes to my body too.
Thank you lovely xxxx

Bryony Tilley, UK

I had a wonderful session with Karishma. She has a gorgeous energy. She took me on a gorgeous journey through nature on our connection. The body scan confirmed for me where I thought I was throttling (trapped energy). Initially I felt it heighten and then start to release. The practice was soothing and balancing. She has a gorgeous tone to her voice and her energy allows you to feel safe. 
She also shared a beautiful message from my non physical team. 
So lovely. So nourishing. Thank you gorgeous girl. You are fabulous 😘

Karen Hutchinson, UK

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