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Visibility Breakthrough: Discover Your Voice, Power and Worth

(So You Can Take A Quantum Leap & Move Faster In Your Life & Business)


Wednesday 28th April 2021
7pm BST/ 11am PST/ 2pm EST


In this FREE Masterclass we will dive into 5 brilliant steps that will get you Speaking your Truth, Feeling Empowered and Knowing your Worth so you can show up with confidence to make an impact in Business and your Personal life

5 steps


Where To Begin

Discover The First Step You MUST Take To Start  (HINT: If You Don't Get This Right None Of The Other Steps Will Work)


Your Voice Matters 

What You Can Do To Make Sure You Share Your Voice Over & Over Again AND Shine Online and In Person


Reclaim your power

Get Clear On Where You've Been Giving Your Power Away & Discover The Proven Process To Call It Back


Transformation Tools

How Uncovering This One Thing Can Transform Your Health, Your Bank Balance, And Your Relationships


Badass Energy Practice

I'm Revealing The Crazy Powerful Energy Practice Women Are Raving About To Help You Live Life Like A Badass Too!

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Who is this Masterclass for?

Highly Motivated and Go-getter leaders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to be the badass that they are meant to be!

🤦🏽‍♀️Do you often feel unheard?

🤦🏽‍♀️Do you fear being visible in your business?

🤦🏽‍♀️Do you often fear voicing your opinion?

🤦🏽‍♀️Do you often give your power away outside of you? 

🤦🏽‍♀️Do you feel dis-empowered in regards to Money, Relationships, Time, Health and wellbeing?

🤦🏽‍♀️Do you often feel like you’re not worthy of your hearts desires? 


❤️This masterclass is going to take you on an incredible journey to Discover your Voice, Step into your Powerful self and feel more Worthy than you've ever felt before!

It will also help you to:

🎉Feel heard in your life, relationships and online so you can play a bigger game and get bigger results 

🎉Build your confidence so you can show up more powerfully for your brand

🎉Reduce self talk so you're able to supercharge your productivity and move faster towards your goals

🎉Understand the power of your mind so you can break through visible and invisible blocks holding you back 

🎉Techniques to release what no longer serves you so you feel better more of the time and call call in your dream life



Miriam S, Sweden

...Seeing that instead of growing stronger, I had actually taken more and more control. With the help of Karishma finally declaring for myself that I am done with abusive men in my life. I have taken my power back!! Not only did she help me with inspiration to the book, she also helped me on the personal level. Holding space for me to also let go of this belief once and for all. 

Eve C, USA

...I really appreciated how Karishma allowed me to brainstorm and discover very important connections. I was able to find clarity on the patterns in my life and on how my current relationship was affected by these patterns and by my limiting beliefs about myself that derived from the commands created after this unpleasant talk with my mom. I left our session with a huge sense of relief and clarity.

Denise M, UK

Thank you Karishma for holding space for me to explore the stories I've created around food. I felt supported with your patience and insights. You've also been so helpful in identifying further resources that may assist me. I am so very grateful for your time and energy to support me

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About your Host

Karishma Sharma
Spiritual Mindset Coach | Breakthrough Expert | Energetics Queen | International Speaker

Karishma helps highly committed go-getter leaders and entrepreneurs to breakthrough subconscious and energetic blocks so that they can take quantum leaps and move faster in their business and personal life.

Karishma's 1:1 Coaching includes deep trauma work, inner child healing, identifying and overcoming limited beliefs, reprogramming the subconscious mind, past life regressions, releasing of negative charges and low vibration in the body, energetic healing, spiritual guidance and practices including business guidance.

Karishma also uses her business as a platform to be a voice for those who come from backgrounds where mental health, talking about feelings, breaking the norm and women's status' are taboo topics or suppressed.

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