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An Immersive Experience for Women Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Coaches who want to break through to their next level of success with this proven process 

Thursday 7th April 2022
6pm BST/ 1pm EST/ 10am PST
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Are you ready to make your next big bold move in your business and life?

Come and join me on a journey like no other - The Success Activation has a spot waiting for you. 


Are you a Leader, Entrepreneur or Coach? A trend setter? A goal getter? Do you want to take your business to the next level? This Masterclass is going to be one Powerful experience that you do not want to miss. 

Together we will be activating your next level of success through an immersive energetics experience where you will get to FEEL the shifts.

This Experience is for you if you: 

Used lots of strategy but are not getting the results you want

Done your inner work and not had the shifts you needed

Been held back from your next level of success and can’t figure out why

Felt fed up with self sabotaging behaviours

Resented holding yourself back

Hidden part of who you truly are 

Struggle to hold your vibration 

Want to have the trust and confidence that your manifestations are happening

Feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck 

Keep spending money on the wrong investments for your business 

Join The Success Activation
Free Masterclass

Thursday 7th April 2022
(replay will be available)

In this Free Masterclass expect to EXPERIENCE transformational shifts both short term and long term in your business success, wealth, freedom and empowerment. 

This is not just another slide show masterclass or teaching you more tips and hacks, OH NO!


We are going into a deep dive of energetics to reach depths within your mind, body and soul that you’ve never been before - it is the most transformational masterclass I’ve ever led as a coach. 


What to Expect

Unlocking your next level of success 

Higher levels of wealth consciousness 

Clarity for your soul purpose and your business

Inspired action to manifest faster 

Unshakeable confidence 

Channelled guidance 

Connection to your higher self 

Energetic expansion 


Releasing (it’s ok to cry if you need to)

A safe sacred space 

Shift into receiving mode 

Shifts in your cells 

This deep dive experience is usually saved for my 1:1 clients but this work is so powerful that I want you to be able to feel it too.

The courage that I have, the complete confidence that I'm feeling right now, the knowing; I'm surging with energy right now. And it's because of Karishma. It's because of her capability to actually see into what is needed.


It was a reminder that I’m not using my energetics or capabilities enough.  Oh my gosh, since doing that practice my energy is completely different, I’m clear.  It felt really good and I thought right ok, let’s just go do this.  That really helped.  Thank you, I really appreciate that.


Just doing that work with you helped me write my programmes from the end point backwards so thank you for that.  I like your energy, it’s fun.


That was really fab.  I loved that.  I’m doing a challenge and I got a couple of ideas of activities to add to it so that really was fantastic. I loved the energy, thank you.  My love and strength vortex lit up as well.


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About your Host

Karishma is a Breakthrough Coach, International Speaker and 2 X Best Selling Author. She is a catalyst for transformation for Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Coaches using her multi modal approach including the science of Positive Psychology, Subconscious Trauma Re-Programming, Spirituality and Energetics. 
Karishma’s Quantum Results Activation System and Energetic Makeovers works deeply with clients' mind, body and soul blocks to uncover their true soul purpose, creating powerful positive shifts that unlock more Success, Growth, Wealth, better Relationships, Health, Empowerment, Happiness and Freedom. As a Certified Spiritual, Business, Positive Psychology Coach and a Spiritual Practitioner, Karishma decided to take her past experience of triumphing after struggle and use it to grow a global business. Her mission is to help highly committed Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Coaches to unleash a life and business of Fun, Freedom and Feeling Fabulous every single day. 
Karishma has been featured in multiple media publications and became a 2 x Amazon #1 Best Selling Author with her co-author books ‘Know Your Worth Goddess’, and ‘Fairytales Re-told’. She also co-authored ‘Goddess Powered Entrepreneur’ which was published by Balboa Press - a division of Hay House. 
Instagram: @karishmavsharma 



The testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, energetic expansion levels, and other factors.

Copyright 2022 by Karishma Sharma

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